Journalist and qualified tourist guide, I arrange full-day or half-day trips in English: thematic tours, cultural and naturalistic itineraries, food and wine proposals in Valle Camonica, Iseo and Garda Lakes, Brescia city and the province. In a word, I'm a storyteller. Come and see my land, the Valley of Landmarks, where people have been engraving mysterious figures on the rocks for 12.000 years, where lie over 3.000 different species of flowers, from lake shores to the top of the glacier.



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Daniela Rossi Saviore

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Visite guidate - Guided tours

Valcamonica | Lago d'Iseo

Franciacorta | Lago di Garda

Brescia e provincia

Leggo, scrivo, racconto storie: guida turistica autorizzata e giornalista professionista freelance - vivo in Valcamonica, la Valle dei Segni, primo sito UNESCO d'Italia - lavoro un po' ovunque in Lombardia, tra montagne, laghi, borghi, città e in tutto ciò che per me ha un senso

Qualified tour guide, freelance journalist, I live in Valcamonica, first UNESCO site of Italy (prehistoric rock art). I mostly work in Lombardy, land of mountains, lakes, astonishing hamlets and cities and wherever it makes sense to me.